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Professionally Designed Book Covers for Australian Independent Authors
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Professionally designed book covers

by fontaine publishing group, australia

a book cover is an invitation — a way of enticing and seducing the reader. Your cover should convey the tone and genre of your story, be eye-catching, engaging, and, most importantly, look like it’s been professionally done. A shoddily or 'DIY-style' designed book cover will, rightfully or not, represent the content inside to be of amateurish and low quality.

We are a team of  Australian book publishing professionals who know how to put your best foot forward in an overcrowded marketplace. Book cover design is one of the most important components you have full control over, to spark initial interest and generate buzz for your book.

commissioned covers

We offer 'best in the business', fully customised premium book cover design services starting from just $650. Scroll down to check out the packages.
Lovingly hand-crafted by design professionals.
Personal and prompt service, locally-based.
100% of all rights, owned by you, always.

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Fontaine Publishing Group specialises in print and digital publishing solutions for emerging and independent authors, small and large businesses, government and organisations. Fontaine also 're-births' published authors' out-of-print paperback titles.
Book Cover Designs

BOOK cover design : Pricing

we have a book cover design solution to suit all budgets*

custom 'bestseller'
ebook edition
$15.9 $650*
  • Full custom bespoke design
  • Two Ebook cover design options, based on your brief/requirements
  • Changes to those designs, until 100% approved by you
  • 3d-rendered marketing image
custom 'bestseller'
print edition 
$25.9 $795*
  • Full custom bespoke design to print-ready format
  • Multiple cover design options, based on your brief/requirements
  • Includes spine and back cover
  • Changes to those designs, until 100% approved by you
  • 3d-rendered marketing image
commissioned Art
$35.9 $ contact us
  • Full custom design which can include character creation and original commissioned artwork.

    Contact us with your requirements and we will supply a firm quotation.


*Prices include GST. This price is available only for Vivid Publishing authors: click here for more information to become a published Vivid author.

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